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Media training & communication skills

Find your voice. Communicate your key messages. Engage your audience.

We offer expert media training to allow you and your managers to hone their presentation skills and look comfortable in front of any camera, whether you’re speaking to the media or presenting to an audience of peers. Your people will be trained in delivering the company’s key messages in an engaging and natural manner, empowering them to speak in front of the camera, in a boardroom or pitching to clients.

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Top coaches & trainers

We believe in working with the best in the business. That’s why our media training, presentation skills and communication courses are delivered in partnership with Joanna Crosse, a high-profile voice, presentation and communication coach.

“Put simply Jo is the best voice and presentation coach available to deliver training in the UK. I worked closely with Joanna between 2004 – 2008 when I was Head of Learning and Development for ITV News Group. Jo offered significant scope in her training portfolio; from supporting trainees and people new to the job to seasoned old ‘hacks’ who’d been presenting most of their working lives. Jo’s solid journalistic background combined with her engaging rapport building and direct, unambiguous feedback makes her a unique and highly impressive voice and presentation coach and I cannot recommend her work highly enough to any organisation.”

Emma Clifford. Director. Remodus

Media training

Our media training sessions will help you find a confident and assertive way to promote your products or organisation in front of the microphone or camera. Learn how to manage the message rather than let the message manage you. These sessions are practical, fun and help with team building. You will learn how to:

  • Identify your audience
  • Prepare and target your message
  • Learn to focus and deliver an engaging message
  • Deal with hostile questions and scenarios
  • Capitalise on any media situation however challenging
Presentation training

Many people fear giving presentations, but the reality is that we’re always presenting ourselves to others whether it’s an audience of one or a hundred. The key is to know your audience. Put the preparation in and then you can be your natural self. Joanna offers practical techniques and supports you to perform at your best.

My sessions with Jo have taken my presenting to the next level. Her coaching style brings out the best in me and her advice always rings in my ears before I go into the studio. It’s a great feeling when you put the training into action and see the results on-screen.

Alex Beresford. ITV Network Weather Presenter

Executive Communication Coaching

Be effective in the boardroom. Working with Joanna, you will explore how to present your information in a clear and engaging way. These sessions are designed to help people learn how to plan and prepare for the boardroom and other workplace presentations and ensure that their message is heard.

Elaine Whyte

Elaine Whyte, UK Drones Lead, PwC

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Jo is a truly exceptional voice coach. She has a deep and intuitive understanding of the importance in aligning a person’s core values to their message. Once she has helped you find this balance, communication suddenly becomes a lot more natural, fluid and fearless. I can’t recommend her highly enough for anyone who is looking to maximise their communication potential, in any walk of life.

Barry O'Dwyer, Managing Director, BlackRock