B2B media relations

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Launch your Media Relations PR campaign

Earned media feeds your content marketing programme. Increasing your authority, building your brand, and enhancing your industry reputation.

Our media relations programmes support your business objectives. Media features that reach potential customers. Get in front of C-suite influencers. Attract funding. Build your corporate brand. Promote your leadership capabilities. Tell people you’re a great place to work.


Promote your business
Clear deliverables from your media relations

Know exactly what your media relations programme will achieve. Understand the return on investment.

We deliver the targets that are set. Linked to the outcomes you want to achieve.

Creating angles that capture attention

Our team of seasoned journalists, copywriters and experienced content consultants create themes and angles that capture the attention of your audience.

We make you stand out. We get you published.

“Two radio interviews today – 5Live and BBC Scotland. You turned me into a media machine! Thank you.”

Commissioned articles and opinion pieces

We give you a voice in the market. Everything from commentary on topical subjects and opinion pieces, to long-form commissioned articles.

We build your credibility and thought leadership through our B2B media relations programmes.

Get maximum traction from your press

Our media connections and knowledge ensure in-depth exclusive coverage in the media.

Promote articles on social media, add to your website, form part of your email marketing campaigns, and send to your prospects and customers.

Sector expertise

We bring expert knowledge, insights and contacts to HR & management, financial & professional services, IT and technology, technical & engineering organisations.