Protecting you from PR disasters

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Protect & defend your organisation

Our 10-step framework for crisis management gives you security. You can rest assured that your organisation is defended, and your reputation is protected. The better prepared you are, the more effectively you can respond, controlling the narrative and having a PR plan ready to swing into action.

Ensure you have the systems, processes and plans in place to manage every eventuality. Crisis management is an important stress test for your organisation’s continuity planning.


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We work with you through each step. Guiding and advising you.

10 Step Framework for Crisis Management

1. Internal threats

Review and identify the potential threats for your organisation across plans, systems and people.

2. Consult people

Consult key people across all departments to identify risks specific to each area of your business.

3. External threats

We take a 360° view on industry sector, local emergencies, plus national and international threats.

4. Plan response

Plan the response strategy for handling and overcoming any potential threat to your business.

5. Train team

Ensure your people are prepared by training your internal team on how to respond.

6. Update contacts

Securely protect key contact details so you can easily access them, even when all systems are down.

7. Key messages

Create key messaging and background information so you know the direction of your defence.

8. Verify policies

Set out a framework for systems, processes and people. Identify where any error might be attributed.

9. Run scenarios

Run scenarios to test defences. Put in place response guidelines for most probable scenarios.

10. Remain vigilant

Check and update all plans at least once a year. So you have visibility over any potential threat.