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Case studies are an invaluable part of a B2B PR campaign

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Power of the personal voice

Stories are the heart of powerful marketing. We capture your story with our perfectly crafted case studies.

We interview your clients on film or by phone. Then we bring to life everything you’ve achieved.

Case studies are powerful pieces of marketing collateral. For your website, social media, in new business proposals and lead generation campaigns.  They’re great for award entries, delivering value back to your clients.

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The value of case studies in B2B marketing

Case studies are content that keeps on giving.  Our marketing expertise, combined with journalistic training, means we uncover those valuable nuggets that make your case studies exceptional.

You provide complex technical solutions and services to your clients. Our case studies capture exactly what you’ve achieved. Giving valuable insight into the client’s objectives and the approach you’ve taken.

When is the right time for a case study?

We build a case study programme for every element of your client’s journey.

  • Announce your appointment.
  • Write about the start of the programme.
  • Add in marketing for key milestones.
  • Mark the end of the programme.
  • Follow up and review when the results come in.

And the great part? You’re always promoting your clients.

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“Transform Communications get who we are. Their journalism experience, combined with strategic insight, helped articulate what’s special about our business and what our customers really value.”