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Your Data Protection Rights

We take your privacy seriously

Effective Date: 21st May 2021

Version: 2

Transform Communications Ltd

Registered Address: 141 Leigh Park Accountancy Ltd, Leigh Park Road, Bradford-on-Avon, BA15 1TQ

Phone Number: 01225 863846

Email: info@transformcommunications.co.uk

Transform Communications Ltd is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of anyone using our website or entering into a business agreement with us. We commit to total confidentiality of any information that you provide to us. The purpose of this statement is to set out how we use any personal information that we may obtain from you.

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Notice as and when required. If we do, the updated version will be effective from the date as indicated above. You are responsible for regularly reviewing our Privacy Notice to be aware of any changes to it.

We will:

  • Keep your information safe.
  • Only collect as much information as we need.
  • Only use it for the purposes agreed.
  • Make sure personal information is kept up to date and accurate.
  • Let you know what information we hold and what it’s used for.
  • Only process or keep the data if we have a legal basis to do so.
  • Respect your rights to control the information we hold for you.
  • Protect your data as if were our own and handle any misappropriation as a priority.


What do we collect?

We currently collect and process personal identifiers, contacts and characteristics, such as IP addresses, browser, click-through rates and information about which web pages you have read.

This happens when you visit our website, read and engage in one of our emails, accept an invitation or book a place at one of our webinars or events.

Should you complete our contact form, interact with our live chat or email us we will collect one, or more of the following:

  • Names
  • Email address
  • Location address
  • Telephone numbers (landline and/or mobile)
  • Job title
  • Organisation
  • Social Media Profiles or other publicly available information.

If you visit our offices, we may also capture your image and/or car details on our CCTV, for security purposes.

If you have signed to accept one of our proposals, quotes or a contract we will also capture your authorising signature and billing details such as bank account name, address, account number and sort code.

At no time do we collect any information classed as ‘special category’ under article 9 of the UK GDPR or section 10 of the UK DPA 2018.


How do we collect it?

We collect this information directly from you in a number of ways which will include one or a multiple of these:

  • Website forms
  • Emails
  • Live chat
  • Cookies
  • Contracts, quotes or proposals
  • Direct debit forms
  • Bank transfers
  • Verbally during meetings

If you request information about our services with a view to becoming a client, we may also obtain information about you from your social media profiles on LinkedIn or Twitter, which is a publicly available source. We do this to better understand how we can work with you and establish how to respond to your request.

When you sign a contract to accept services from us, we will be contractually obliged to collect a certain amount of information to ensure we can carry out the tasks as per the contract.


Why do we collect it?

At the end of the day, we are a business, and most of the information we will collect is from other businesses. We will only collect the least amount of personal information we need.

The reason we collect it is to market our services to you, if we believe they are useful to your business. We have identified that we have a legitimate interest to do so as per the UK DPA 2018 and EU GDPR standards.

Our use of cookies on our website to tell us aggregated and statistical information about pages visited, how long was spent on a page, how many visitors, the referral sites used to find information etc, has also been assessed as a legitimate interest under these data protection regulations. We use this to assess and improve our website to ensure it provides you with the information you’d like to see. Please see our Cookie Notice (below) for more information about these.

If you are a client, we need information to help us deliver services we are contractually obliged to do and to keep you informed as we do so.


Using your personal information

We will use any data purely to market our services to you, as you have shown an interest in us. However, any communication you receive from us will include the opportunity for you to opt-out of any further communications.

Any cookie information is collected just to understand how our website is being used, and if we can improve your customer journey.

No personal information will ever be sold outside of our organisation and will only be shared with partner organisations if needed to provide services to you.

If we do need to share your information with a partner, we will do so with the utmost respect and do so securely. We will also ensure that any partners hold the same high standards when it comes to data protection.

When you sign a contract, proposal or accept a quote we will use any collected information to fulfill our obligations as legally bound by the contract. This includes account management and communications about service delivery and billing.

Once the purpose for processing the personal information has been fulfilled, any information held by us or our partners will be disposed of as per the contracted terms.

If we are requested legally to share your information, for example by an English Court of Law or by the Police, we will do so.


Using personal information on behalf of a client

We only process your personal information as per the terms of the contract, agreed with that company when they solicit our services.

So, if you are reading this as a customer of a company that has used our services to process your personal information, for example you have received an email from one of our clients that we have sent on their behalf, that company is responsible for the use of your personal information and for what purpose. You will need to contact them to discuss the matter. If you need further assistance, please email our Data Protection Officer – Veronica Hannon.


How long is it kept?

As in the Using your personal information section, we will keep personal information for a client for as long as we need to complete the obligations of a contract, or to deliver against your processing purposes.

The information retained for website measurement by our cookies will only be retained for as long as necessary. The longest cookie being two years. This measures if you are classed as a returning customer and holds only aggregated or statistical information for analysis.

That said, if at any time you would like us to either let you know what personal information, we may or may not have recorded for you. or in certain circumstances, you can, quite rightly, request that we remove your personal information from our systems.


Where is it stored?

We use software solutions to help us deliver our services. These solutions are named below.

We do not transfer personal information outside of the UK, but it is possible that data you provide to us, is stored in software solutions that are outside of the UK.

We have checked the data protection terms of these software providers and are satisfied that they have taken every possible step to protect your personal information. When their customer (Transform Communications) processes UK & EU citizen data (your information) and if it is transferred outside of the UK or EU, the Country of origin (UK) data protection regulations are adhered to.

Software providers we use:

  • Hubspot – as our customer record management system
  • Google and Google Analytics – for anonymised website analysis
  • Mailchimp – for email distribution
  • Quickbooks – for customer invoicing and billing purposes
  • Various Mobile Networks – for contacts, emails and calling when away from the office.


It’s your information, so you can control it.

We take data protection seriously and, of course, will oblige should you request any of the following, as per your rights within the UK DPA 2018 or EU GDPR 2018.
Your rights to:

  • Access – copies of any data we hold
  • Rectification – should an element be inaccurate
  • Erasure – to ‘forget’ you and say goodbye
  • Restrictions on processing – ask us to restrict reasons for processing in certain circumstances
  • Object to processing – if you disagree with how, or why, we are processing it
  • Portability – transfer to another agency

To request any of the above, or find out more about our data protection processes, please contact our Data Protection Officer – Veronica Hannon or send your request to our registered address:

Registered Address: 141 Leigh Park Accountancy Ltd, Leigh Park Road, Bradford-on-Avon, BA15 1TQ

If you are unhappy with our response you can raise a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Our ICO reference number is: ZA722062

The ICO’s address:
Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

ICO helpline number: 0303 123 1113


Cookie Notice

To understand how people use our site and what devices and technology they’re using, we use Google Analytics. Most websites use some sort of analytics program like this. The data it collects helps us see things like how many people visit our site, which country they are from, how many pages they visited, how fast our site loaded, and so on. All data collected is completely anonymous, it does not identify you as an individual in any way.

Sharing tools in the form of social media share buttons feature on this site. These third-party websites may set a cookie if you are logged in to their service. Please refer to each channel’s own cookie policies.

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Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer’s hard drive by websites that you visit. They save and retrieve pieces of information about your visit to the website – for example, how you entered the site, how you navigated through the site and what information and documentation was of interest to you. This means that when you go back to a website, it can give you tailored options based on the information it has stored about you on your last visit.

Our cookies are used to simply collect information about how visitors use our website and these types of cookies collect the information in an anonymous form.

The rules about cookies on websites have changed. If you are uncomfortable with the use of cookies, you can disable cookies on your computer by changing the settings in the preferences or options menu in your browser. You can set your browser to reject or block cookies or to tell you when a website tries to put a cookie on your computer. You can also delete any cookies that are already stored on your computer’s hard drive.

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