Rebranding leading fundraising platform for charities

Devising a new brand, look and feel for ThankQ, a leading fundraising and membership CRM for the third sector
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Rebranding leading fundraising platform for charities

We changed ESiT, a fundraising and membership CRM for the third sector to the brand ThankQ.

From internal workshops to customer research, we formulated a strong brand proposition, messaging and tone of voice.

Taking the project from strategy through design to communication. ThankQ was acquired soon after by the Access Group.


thankQ, formerly known as ESiT is a leading not-for-profit CRM software company based in Loughborough, with a twenty-year heritage of providing exceptional solutions to their clients. In early 2010 they found themselves at an interesting crossroads with regards their business identity and which strategic direction they wished to move forward in.

Keen to undertake a step change in their offering to their market they recognised a strong new brand identity, marketing and new business strategy was required. However, whatever the outcome, their new identity needed to be aligned and reflect their internal company values.

Collaborative Approach

A fantastic team came together to deliver this project. Stewart from Liminal Marketing was our brand consultant responsible for stage one and two of the research phases. He was supported by Liz Brewer from Creating Mischief who carried out the digital audits and procurement guidance for the development of their new website, along with creative ideas for the brand launch.

Veronica Hannon, from Transform Communications, devised thought leadership and brought strategic PR thinking, including a developed and detailed marketing and new business plan. And together we launched a fantastic new brand, website, and full communications plan. 


  • Core third sector markets researched and identified
  • Cracking new logo and strapline
  • All key management and staff engaged from the start and adopted the new brand
  • Providing solutions for deeper key issues with regards to internal business processes
  • The strategy adopted and executed by all
  • New brand pillars translated into brand collateral
  • New marketing collateral and brand launch delivered on time and with huge success
B2B Marketing Strategy

To Stewart Redpath, Veronica Hannon and Liz Brewer:

“Thank you for all your hard work, creativity and patience! [On the news that thankq had been acquired by the Access Group]… the feedback that we are the most appealing brand and product in the sector which led to their decision, is pretty good to hear – so thank you for your support and ideas once again. To think I was unsure when you said we should drop ESiT and just go with thankQ!

Proposition & messaging ThankQ
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