Leveraging the power of thought leadership

Insightful thought leadership content that formed the backbone of Kidd Aitken's marketing strategy
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Leveraging the power of thought leadership

Innovative thought leadership that goes further

Transform drew from the expertise and knowledge of Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing’s team to produce thought leadership content that formed the backbone of their marketing strategy.

In September 2020, we were approached by the world’s leading legal directory consultancy, Kidd Aitken. They wanted to align their sales and marketing processes and increase their brand awareness, through developing their thought leadership and maximising their digital visibility. We have been working with Kidd Aitken since to achieve these objectives and solidify their position at the vanguard of their field.

Insightful thought leadership

A considerable part of their marketing programme is long form content. During our competitor research, we found very little content that guided firms on how best to achieve and improve their legal directory rankings. Kidd Aitken was in the perfect position to communicate this as, collectively, the team has reviewed over 10,000 legal directory submissions over the course of their careers.

The first piece of long form content was the Your Best Practice Guide to Chambers and Partners Submissions, launched in April 2021. It offers expert advice on submissions to one of the world’s most prestigious legal directories, Chambers and Partners.

Due to its popularity, this Best Practice Guide is now a cornerstone of Kidd Aitken’s programme. It is continually used in email campaigns, including the first email of multiple successful prospecting email campaigns that have run in the USA, UK, and Europe. The first email of the latest European email campaign, where the Best Practice Guide was positioned as the key CTA, had an open rate of 28.2%, well above the industry standard of 22%. These campaigns have directly contributed to the onboarding of four new Kidd Aitken clients.

We have also drawn on hot-button contemporary topics, like fintech and gender diversity. The Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Legal Directories white paper, which shines a light on the steps legal directories should consider to improve gender diversity in law firms and rectify the inequalities faced in the legal sector. Again, this has proved tremendously popular in email campaigns, and was followed by a webinar hosted by Jacob Aitken, the co-founder and director of Kidd Aitken, and special guest, Kerry Jarred, a leading Talent Management Consultant for law firms.

Search Engine Optimisation

We have increased Kidd Aitken’s digital presence through a varied SEO and specialist blog programme. Including blogs such as ‘What is a legal directory?’, ‘Leveraging legal directories for legal market trends’ and ‘Why you should build a cohesive legal directory strategy’. These have seen great success, both in social media engagement and SEO rankings. Content focused on keywords including ‘legal directory specialist and ‘legal directory consultancy’ has contributed to Kidd Aitken’s rise in Google SERPs:
• From ranking 12 to 4 for ‘legal directory strategy’
• From ranking 31 to 12 for ‘Legal 500 consultant’
• Consistently ranking first for ‘legal awards consultant.’

In addition, Kidd Aitken now has the highly coveted preview result for the search query ‘what do legal directories do?’ – answering one of the key questions for anyone in the industry.

Social Media

Transform is responsible for Kidd Aitken’s social media programme, creating both organic and paid social media strategies and campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The best performing organic post of 2021 on LinkedIn gained 1,530 impressions and had a click-through rate of 5.49%. Paid media has also seen great success with posts promoting the Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Legal Directories white paper, gained 32,837 impressions with a £400 allocated spend.

Kidd Aitken has seen massive growth in the past 18 months. They have solidified their position as industry thought leaders and have grown their team from 29 to over 50. In addition to the impressive ROI and results these campaigns have garnered, in interviews many candidates have mentioned their attraction to Kidd Aitken by their thought leadership.



Kidd Aitken co-founder and director Jacob Aitken talks to Daniel O'Connor on why he loves working with Transform
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