Predictive analytics in recruitment

A thought-leadership programme for entrepreneurial startup Cognisess aimed at HR Directors and business owners.
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Revolutionising recruitment

Artificial intelligence in recruitment

Cognisess uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer science to revolutionise organisations’ recruitment and talent management programmes.

AI and data-driven

Driven by data science, neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the Cognisess platform uses predictive people analytics to identify suitable job candidates based on potential, rather than current skills and past experience.

We worked closely with the team at this fast-growing scale- up to establish Cognisess as experts in the fields of AI and human capital management (HCM). Through targeted thought leadership campaigns, a media campaign in sector publications, and developing their brand messaging.

Fast scale-up

We prepared articles ideas and synopses that demonstrated authority in the market place, placed commentary and commissioned pieces across multiple media outlets including Forbes, theHRDirector, People Management, Information Age,, European CEO and Growth Business.

For more of what we achieved, check out Cognisess’ featured press page.

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