Building brands in the UK

We have partnered with InHouse for over 10 years to build their brand and reputation in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture market.
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Launching kitchen & bathroom brands

Building brands in the UK

We have worked with InHouse Inspired Room Design since 2007. We’ve seen market crashes, technological revolutions and new products coming into the field. We’ve handled their press and media campaigns, taking their imported products from unknown entities to market-leading brands.

Multi-million HQ

In 2019, InHouse moved into a new £2.5million headquarters that provides a UK national showroom to InHouse’s network for 500 independent retailers.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is now at the forefront of our marketing campaigns. We launched a new website to generate enquiries, SEO-optimised with superb content to drive consumer engagement and generate leads for retailers.


InHouse works with market-leading brands including next125, Schüller Pelipal, Wave, Steel Cucine and Colombini Casa.

What we do

“You guys are my rock.”

Wayne Dance, Managing Director, InHouse Inspired Room Design
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