Are you a risk taker?

What is your propensity for risk? We launched a new psychometric test through an innovative media relations campaign.
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Media relations to launch a product

Launching Risk Type Compass

When PCL (Psychological Consultancy Ltd) wanted to launch a new product ‘Risk Type Compass’ onto the market, they had the tools but no data to back it up.

Turning media relations on its head

We turned a media relations approach to research on its head. Instead of PRing the results of research, we partnered with media publishers in different sectors (police, fire fighters, nurses, accountancy, IT, HR, business press etc.) in order to survey their readers. This gave us a great deal of press attention prior to development of the proposition, followed up with articles on the findings, and then the overall research results on publication and launch of Risk-Type Compass.

Win, win, win.

What we did
Media Relations

Media Relations

Thought leadership

Thought leadership

Public Relations

Public Relations

What we offer for HR Consultancies

“The PR programme for PCL has been a very effective door-opener for us. The material that has been developed as a result of the media relations programme has provided written material, speaker material and helped us to build our credibility as thought leaders in risk management.”

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