A Decade on the Dark Side

10,000 data set on the dark side characteristics of the UK workforce. A media relations campaign that blew the newsstands apart
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Media relations to build a brand

A decade on the dark side

10,000 psychometric test results residing online. “That’s a gold mine of research data,” we said when we met the wonderful Geoff Trickey of PCL. So, we devised a plan.

The grand plan

Analyse all the insights from this research, compiled over 10 years. Release it in a thought leadership report. Gather all clients, colleagues and prospects together at the RSA. Build a media campaign around the event.

The results

Standing room only at a presentation for over 200 people. Stunning media coverage including The Guardian, The Evening Standard, The Financial Times, Coaching at Work, People Management and many others. A great brand builder.

What we did
Thought leadership

Thought leadership

Media Relations

Media Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations

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A Decade of the Dark Side - PR Coverage
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