PR & marketing for exit or acquisition

PR and marketing for businesses looking to exit and increase the value of their organisation
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PR & Marketing for companies preparing for exit or acquisition

If you’re planning to exit, or sell your business, you need a thorough communications review. We maximise the value of your brand by harnessing every available marketing and communication channel.

We work with you on a timeline of activity to increase the value of your business. Our marketing and communication strategies ensure you extract the maximum value from your exit strategy.

“Ronnie guided us from a standing start to where our brand and name was established. When we went to the VC community for secondary funding we were well known and much of this was due to the clever placement of articles and strategic input from Ronnie and her team.”


Want to increase your value?

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“Thank you for all your hard work, creativity and patience! [On the news that thankq had been acquired by the Access Group]… the feedback that we are the most appealing brand and product in the sector which led to their decision, is pretty good to hear – so thank you for your support and ideas once again. To think I was unsure when you said we should drop ESiT and just go with thankQ!”

John Bird, previously managing director of thankQ