Now is the time to be thankful

We are very lucky to have started working with 8 fantastic new clients and projects during the past four weeks. Some are existing and longstanding clients who have recommissioned us. Others we have been in discussions with. And some are totally new contracts.

This is beginning to feel like we’re turning a corner. Like most businesses, we have felt the impact of Covid-19. Immediately, conversations of ‘please put things on hold’ were being had daily. Equally, we had to change our plans and programmes for some of our amazing client base. We focussed on internal communications, advice on how to navigate the crisis. And we also had the opportunity to work on some great strategic projects, because business owners finally had the time to plan.

We also knew that how we approached people had shifted. We have always focussed on consultancy, seeing where we could really add value to businesses. But even these conversations were difficult at the start. Daniel O’Connor, who has been running businesses since he was six years’ old when he traded Kellogg’s bike reflectors, wrote about how selling is a turn off during a crisis.

It is still shocking what businesses have been – and are still going – through. Could you even have imagined someone walking into your business at the beginning of the year and telling you that all of your activity will cease within months? Meetings will be cancelled. Conferences and expos won’t exist. Your team will be told to stay home and some not to work at all. The doors will be shut. And, that there is no timeframe as to when the situation will go back to normal… No, nor could we!

But it happened, and it’s not yet over. Today, we are all learning to live and adapt to COVID. Like you, we had the initial fears, the uncertainty, the ‘what ifs’ and the inevitable and overwhelming thoughts of ‘Are we going to survive this?’, both in terms of our own personal health, but also as a business. Three months in, we hope tides are beginning to turn. That confidence is returning and businesses are bouncing back with teams coming back to work.

Of course, there have been some changes. We’re all busy working from home with clients who are local, national and some international giants. What has brought us together is that we have all had the same fears and concerns. We’ve had many conversations with people at a deep level about the professional and personal impact of Covid-19. And it has been very, very tough.

What has really resonated with us is people’s amazing resilience. The ability to battle through. To continue to communicate and to get key messages out to market. So, we want to say an enormous thank you to our amazing business community and to our existing and our new clients.

While we know we are not yet through this, and that there will be many challenges to come, it is important to reflect and to be thankful for the people we work with, the companies that we work for and the amazing work we get to do on a daily basis.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Be thankful.

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