Meet the team – Bobby

What ideas do you have for Transform Communications?

It’s exciting being in an agency that is growing at such a fast pace, with so many new things happening all the time. I can’t wait to see where we go next.

What three things should we know about you?

  1. You will often find me drawing landscapes and the woods near my house or trying out different crafts like embroidery.
  2. I really enjoy going on long walks and discovering new places in my local area.
  3. I enjoy reading anything about history. I’m currently reading The History of Celebrity by Greg Jenner and The Last Protector by Andrew Taylor.

What is your favourite thing to do for fun?

My favourite thing to do for fun is dance – I’ve been dancing most of my life. Mainly ballet, but I’ve also tried out street, jazz, ballroom and am currently taking contemporary dance classes.

In one word, what is your ideal workplace culture?


What brands do you really admire for their content and copywriting?

Ikea’s visual language, in all their content and copywriting is witty, irreverent, and imaginative. Their 2018 advert ‘Ghosts’ has to be one of my favourite adverts of all time. They take a fairly basic before-and-after storyline and inject some playfulness into it with their tag line ‘maverick with fabric’ and the use of plain white sheets as ghosts meeting bright fabrics. It encourages people to try new things and puts Ikea front and centre as the place to go for new or interesting furnishings.


What does your day-to-day working day look like?

My working day always looks different. Some days you can find me writing social media posts, learning about renewable energy, responding to a journalist about the best kitchen storage and writing blog posts. Other days I will be creating graphics for LinkedIn, sending out press releases and cold email campaigns and writing out reports for clients.

What attracted you to working in PR and communications?

I’ve always enjoyed crafting stories and at the age of around 16, we had a class on advertising and just how powerful it is. This sparked my interest in communications so much so that I continued to study Media at A-level, but it wasn’t until I went to an open day at Falmouth University for Creative Advertising that I realised that communication was something I could really pursue as a career.

Connect with Bobby on LinkedIn – or find out more about us here.

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