Does content really count in your marketing?

Veronica Hannon, Managing Director, Transform Communications Ltd

Content is king. We’ve all heard that. From websites to social media, blogs to PR, we seem to always require new things to say. It can sometimes feel like a bit of a production line. The constant requirement to create content.

When speaking with clients, the first question we ask is, “Content in order to do what?”. And it’s a question that stumps many people.

  • If you want more people to find your website, that’s content for increasing your organic reach.  
  • If you want to connect with a new market, then you need content that’s new, interesting and relevant to those people.
  • If you want content to launch a new service or product, then you will need a different approach.

New content approach for professional services

Let’s give you an example. Anderson Financial Management is a wealth management firm based in Bristol. As part of demonstrating their commitment to, and support for, Bristol entrepreneurs, they sponsor the new business category in their local awards. Yet they didn’t have materials that would engage this market. Working with Andersons and Silver Marketing, we devised a campaign to launch ‘The Curious Investors Guide to… Scaling Up A Business’.

This is new territory for a wealth management firm where content is usually around investing for retirement or funding children’s education. An insight came from conversations with their clients. Most business owners view their business as their pension. Regularly reducing their own drawings to fund future growth in the hope that their business will fund their retirement.

We interviewed three leading Bristol entrepreneurs for their insight and guidance when scaling up a business. It’s important advice and it’s highly relevant to Anderson’s audience.

Campaign in a box

The beauty of long form content, like the one above, is that becomes the foundation for all your marketing.

  • Send to all entrants and finalists to the awards.
  • Host webinars and interviews with entrepreneurs and create podcasts.
  • Send it to your client base. Or email a digital copy.
  • Promote it out on social media.
  • Create blog pieces from the content that have been SEO optimised.
  • Build a community of entrepreneurs.
  • Use it to generate leads with advertising.
  • Take printed copies to events, exhibitions (when the good ol’ days return).

A savvy and strategic approach to content market pays off. Your marketing has a direct purpose. You can measure the effectiveness. And, in a world where there’s lots of noise, your message will cut through.

This article first appeared in the Spring Issues 2021 of The Business Exchange 

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