3 reasons why we love being a marketing agency in the South West

Transform Communications is a content marketing and PR agency centred in beautiful Somerset, with offices nestled away amongst the lush green fields of Mells. Having lived in London for 17 years, I took the plunge to set up within the calm countryside of the South West over the mega metropolis of London. Safe to say it was the right choice for both me and Transform. Here’s why I love leading a South West marketing agency…

1. The landscape

Our first reason why we love being based in the South West is the stunning landscape and the opportunity to be immersed in nature.

While the pictures speak for themselves, there may be some who still need convincing.

Our office is situated in Mells, around the corner from a small waterfall and in the centre of a spiderweb of winding country roads. With fields on either side that host the perfect location for team walks at lunchtime and our very own back garden that is utilised regularly during company days. The latest of these included a relaxing team yoga session led by our Senior Client Lead, Ellen, and a delicious alfresco barbecue. Making the most of the warm weather and clear blue skies – a rarity in England for much of the year!

All these outdoor activities provide unrivalled opportunities for team building and the creation of connections, both of which are highly important within any effective office environment. And these are only enhanced by our Somerset landscape.

2) The local talent

We’re proud to be among a successful group of companies that are developing and growing with each passing year. Our proximity to thriving tech hubs like Bristol and Bath gives us easy access to a pool of highly talented people and companies, with many of our own team and clients being based in these areas. We’re delighted to work with organisations like Best.Energy, Anderson Financial Management, CHC Global, Interaction, Buro Happold and many others working in the South West.

This creates plentiful opportunities for networking, whether at regional events like the Bath Life Awards or through local publications like The Business Exchange Bath & Somerset and Swindon and Wiltshire. Allowing us to build connections with other thriving organisations within the area, ranging from SMEs to international corporations. With the united aim of growing our businesses together.

3) Building a work-life balance

As we emerge into a post-pandemic world, the vast changes we experienced about how we want to live our day-to-day lives are being realised. The rise in the value people place on green spaces and rural living has led many to seek a life in the countryside rather than the closed-off environment of the city. Stimulating a growing need for rural-based employment options that Transform is happy to meet.

This final reason resonates with all those working in a fast-paced, pressured environment. I won’t try to convince you that moving to the country will solve all your workaholic tendencies or inability to shut off once the office day is done. But the power of a short walk surrounded by nature or sitting for 10 minutes in your garden enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day cannot be underestimated. In terms of relaxation after a long work day, it certainly beats walking along a noisy and polluted street with grey concrete buildings on either side.

When I reflect on my experience of living and working within the chaos of London, I found it never stopped. It may have been a dream for 19-year-old me just starting out at university but it began to lose its charm as the years progressed. Big city living meant fast-paced and constant busyness, with millions of people trying to navigate their own lives within the same bubble. That bubble finally popped for me once my daughters were born and I started to crave the calm peace that the South West had to offer. The solution? Building my own South West marketing agency from the ground up.

The change from London to Somerset was a large one. But it’s one I don’t regret for both me and my business. It has helped us grow in a variety of ways that may not have been possible elsewhere. The Transform team that has formed over the years and the company we have built from the ground up have come about due to the incredible opportunities, people and environment I have been lucky enough to find here in the South West.

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