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Our thought leadership campaigns look for the difference in your business. The expertise that adds substantial value to people’s knowledge and opinions.
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We are a thought leadership consultancy

What does thought leadership mean?

Thought leadership means finding you a platform to demonstrate your authority and expertise. We produce white papers, research reports, webinars, presentations, articles, and long-form content. Demonstrating your expertise, building your authority, and adding value to your brand. This valuable and evergreen content creates the bedrock for your marketing plan and content marketing.

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Types of thought leadership

Different types of thought leadership underpin different business objectives. Here are some of our approaches.

Your market insight. We conducted extensive research with a recruitment company to explore what people want from their employer. Then we contrasted this with what employers require from their employees.

Your product knowledge. We worked with an international organisation promoting Emotional Intelligence. We had to educate the market, demonstrate the impact, and show how Emotional Intelligence differs from other types of personality assessment.

Your corporate culture. We created a series of white papers for a world-leading engineering company about employee engagement, team motivation and creating a coaching culture.

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The importance of great thought leadership

Thought leadership demonstrates the calibre of thinking in your organisation and leads directly to business opportunities. The most recent Edelman-LinkedIn Thought Leadership Impact Study discovered that:

  • Thought leadership directly led to 50% of decision makers awarding business to an organisation.
  • 55% of decision makers use thought leadership to vet organisations they’re considering working with.
  • 63% of decision makers believe thought leadership is particularly important to build the reputation of new and small businesses.
  • 47% of C-suite executives shared their contact information after reading thought leadership.
But, when you get it wrong…

If thought leadership is not done to the highest standards, it can harm a business.

  • 46% said thought leadership has decreased their respect for an organisation.
  • 29% of businesses decided not to award a piece of business to a company based on their thought leadership.
  • 18% of thought leadership pieces get high marks from decision makers.

That’s why you need to give special attention and consideration to the thought leadership agency you choose to work with.

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Thought leadership white papers

We produce white papers that are innovative and present information in a clear and accessible format. Keeping your readers consistently engaged with the information they want.

Our white papers highlight new research, bring new concepts to the market and uncover fresh views and perspectives. We deliver your insights and demonstrate where your industry is headed.

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Generating leads from thought leadership

Thought leadership is a great lead generation tool. It’s not only an excellent strategy for reinforcing your expertise and engaging customers and partners. It also wins you business.

For details of how to turn your thought leadership into a lead generation magnet, talk to our sister company Transform Digital. Turning your brand assets into sales leads.

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